Artificial Intelligence at Work

Oct 25, 2016

Dileep George spoke at EmTech 2016 about common sense and the ability to model the world.  Watch the talk here:

This Week In Startups Interview with Scott Phoenix

May 16, 2016

Vicarious co-founder Scott Phoenix on innovating in AI & the race to unlock the human brain to create artificial general intelligence, the last tech humans will invent.

See the full episode at or watch a short extract on twitter

Berggruen Workshop on AI

Apr 12, 2016

The Berggruen Philosophy and Culture Center workshops on AI at Stanford were held in March 2016.

A short segment from Scott discussing how human invention is limited by biology can be found here, and a summary of the workshop can be found here.

Interview with Scott Phoenix in Forbes

Apr 11, 2016

In-depth interview with Vicarious co-founder in Forbes discussing artificial intelligence research, entrepreneurship and the future of Vicarious. 

Read the interview here

No, the robots are not about to rise up and destroy us all

Jan 20, 2016

it is very, very unlikely that a robot would ever be smart enough to devise a way to dry the world’s oceans without being smart enough to understand why that would be a problem

Read the World Economic Forum featured blog post by Dileep George here 

Killer robots? Superintelligence? Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Nov 4, 2015

Opinion piece in the Washington Post by Dileep George on the path towards AGI.

AGI will be created gradually, over the course of many years. The scenarios presented by movies and the media are an exaggerated picture of the actual risks. The headlines might lead you to believe that AGI is imminent, but scientists actually working on the problems will tell you otherwise. A lot more research is needed before we can build AGI.

Read the article here

'We have this remarkable ability to create any kind of world we can imagine'

Oct 22, 2015

Article in The Guardian about one of our investors, Bryan Johnson, and his venture capital firm, The OS Fund, backing entrepreneurs who are working toward “quantum-leap discoveries” that promise to rewrite “the operating system of life”.

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Goldman Sachs honored Vicarious as one of the top 5 most innovative companies of 2015

Oct 15, 2015

Goldman Sachs honored Vicarious as one of the top 5 most innovative companies of 2015.

Artificial Intelligence Leaders Answer AI's Most Burning Questions (Part I)

Sep 5, 2015

Interview with Dileep George, Adam Cheyer (co-founder of Siri) and David Ackley (Associate Professor of Computer Science at the University of New Mexico)

Read the first part here

Samsung and Wipro Invest in Vicarious

Aug 19, 2015

Vicarious’s partnerships with companies such as ABB, Samsung and Wipro are aimed at applying its research into products and learning how to better develop technology.

“Our technology is a very long-term bet, and we want to interface with the other long-term bets being made by big companies,”